I’m proud to have been asked to post a video on this website for a friend.  It exposes BP boss Robert Dudley’s, “total disregard for the world we live in”.  It’s straightforward and damning and it comes from one of us.  And by that I mean an energy worker.

It’s not a complicated story.  Our industry is choking the planet with plastic shite.  Dudley’s been asked to do something about it.  He’s done fuck all so far.  

It’s maybe a stretch to call him an oil & gas worker, but at oilandgasworkers.org , we’re relaxed about the definition, so maybe he’ll sign up to the conversation and tell us where he stands and why he hasn’t even bothered to reply so far.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a conversation about our industry and its responsibilities to the planet. Bob Dudley might have no intention of joining it as yet – and maybe never on here. But it’s not going to be “business as usual” in the oil & gas industry whatever anyone would like to believe.  

Energy workers have a major stake in the uncertain future of this industry. The questions oil & gas workers ask, and the conversations they have, can have a big impact on the way the industry responds, and the future for our families – and our planet.  

Sign up and check out – Robert Dudley (BP) – total disregard for the world we live in in the conversation.