Whatever you think of the unions in general, and the offshore unions in particular, oil & gas workers will want to watch this clip.

Remember! You’ll have to scroll along the timeline at the bottom of the video till you get to 04:52:18 to get Jake Molloy.


Jake, a past General Secretary of the OILC and now a union organiser for RMT, speaks out. He argues for a “green and just recovery” in the face of this latest, and maybe last, North Sea oil industry meltdown.

He speaks about the 9,000 workers who have been forced down the road in the past year – they’ve gone with not much more than a whimper – and a further 21,000 predicted to be about to follow them in the coming year. He goes on to outline how he sees a “just transition” protecting oil & gas industry workers. 

He told the STUC Annual Congress, 

“you know all about this because we’ve been talking about it for years”. 

The transition from oil & gas to renewables is under way. People in power have been talking about it for years. That much is clear.  Whether it’s going to be fair (just) to oil workers, their families and their communities is still to be decided. 

The workforce – whether in a union or not – will only be part of this conversation when they demand to be part of it. The only certainty is that workers, families and communities will be shafted if the oil & gas industry is left to call all the shots. They’ll only look after their shareholders.

Before all else the workforce needs to begin to talk about the future of the North Sea and about what they need out of this transition.  The conversation on here is wide open to that discussion. 

The last energy transition abandoned the coal miners. If the transition to renewables is not going to abandon oil & gas workers serious discussion is needed. And oil & gas workers and their families are going to have to hold centre stage in that conversation.

You don’t need to know all the answers.  No-one does!  If you have questions – ask them.  We’ll try and find people who might help you find an answer.  If you have hopes or even fears let us know what they are.  

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