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We are keen to open up a discussion amongst oil & gas workers and workers in the renewables industry.

Global warming and climate change have already thrown up a widening discussion about a “just transition” from oil & gas to renewable energy.

The argument is that even if the industry on the North Sea doesn’t self destruct, burning oil & gas will have to stop – and before too long. Oil & gas workers should have the option to access good jobs in the renewables industry – if they want. But first, they must have the opportunity to talk about what’s happening to the industry. North Sea workers can not be left to be shafted like the miners and their communities were in the last energy “transition” – from coal to oil & gas.

We are not here to facilitate whistleblowing or information-leaking – we aim to create a platform for people in this industry to speak their mind and address problems so that we can work together for a more secure future.

If you want to hear what other oil & gas workers are saying, sign up. If you have something to say to them, sign up and say it on here.

If there are others you think need to hear what oil & gas workers are saying, make plans on here to let them know what you think.

Workers who sign up will open the conversations they want to have.

To get the ball running Gabrielle Jeliazkov has been asked to start a conversation about what workers told the “Oil and Gas Industry | Worker Survey” launched by a London based organisation “Platform”.